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Duvalay Topper  (NZ ONLY)
Duvalay Topper (NZ ONLY)

Size: Single (190x91x5)

Duvalay Topper  (NZ ONLY)

Duvalay Travel Toppers

Duvalay's range of Travel Toppers provide the premium comfort you expect from your mattress at home, combined with the convenience of an easy-roll topper. Available in three different options: the Compact for those with limited storage space, the Comfort for premium support, and the FreshTec for those wanting a cooler night's sleep as well as extra comfort.


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What size are the Standard / FreshTec Travel Toppers?

They are available in two width options - 66cm/77cm. All of our Travel Toppers are 190cm in length which fits the majority of leisure vehicle sleeping areas.

What depth is the Standard / FreshTec Travel Topper?

Our FreshTec Travel Toppers are 5cm in depth.

Which size should I choose?

The most popular width is the 66cm, this fits on the majority of caravan and motorhome seats. The 66cm width usually works best in campervans where the sleeping area is narrower, or opt for the wider 77cm if you would like the extra room. We recommend measuring the width of your sleeping area first to determine which size would work best for you.

Are storage bags available for the Travel Toppers?

Yes, storage bags are available for 66cm & 77cm Travel Toppers.